My First Post

Hello! I created this site nearly a month ago but I haven’t been active. The urge to post something had been growing and growing until I couldn’t keep it at bay any longer. Since I didn’ know what to post, I decided I might just start off gently with the intro I wrote for an English Homework. If you have any suggestions or criticisms, just leave them in the comments, and also make sure to leave a like if you enjoyed it! Happy reading!

Writing Prompt: Write about a time when you, or someone you know, learned something.

Senator Johnson was being flown to a rally when he received the news.

Flying in the ‘Johnson Jet’, as it was known by the lucky few who had the luxury of working inside it, he was making his last trip in what had been a long, long day. Cruising through the dark night sky, he reflected upon the past 48 hours. From Atlanta to San Francisco to Detroit to LA, he realised, with a start, that he had already flown across America twice. The day was turning into one big blur; he could no longer differentiate between each cheering, relentless crowd of patriotic people proudly waving their American flags. Senator Johnson was very tired.

But that’s how it was.

He was only three days from the election and the stakes were higher than ever before. His poll ratings were still on the rise, but Trelawney was closing the gap at an alarming pace. It was going to be tight. It might have been Trelawney who had the experience of being in office for four years, but even Johnson knew that the last few days made a much greater impact than the last few months, and he was determined to make each and every one of them count. Desperate times, desperate measures. The pressure was mounting, the tension almost tangible, as the world held its breath and waited to see who, for the next four years, was going to lead the most powerful nation on the planet.

Leaning his head against the window, he glanced outside. There was a small bird flying past, valiantly flapping its winds against the onslaught of the lashing rain, powerful winds and the storm brewing. Senator Johnson realised how aptly the bird represented him. They were both attempting a seemingly insurmountable task, they both were nearing the end of their struggle and hopefully, they both would prevail in their quest. And, he remarked dryly, they both had spent more time in the air than on land.

His train of thought was interrupted by the tannoy. ‘Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. I hope you’ve enjoyed the flight as you will shortly be arriving at your destination in just under fifteen minutes.’

Fifteen minutes. Groaning, he reached for his case and fished for the cue cards. He found them, took them out and began to read, but the words were swimming before his eyes and he couldn’t concentrate. He stifled a yawn but couldn’t fight off the wave of nausea that threatened to overcome him.

‘Sir, is everything all right?’

Johnson’s unease must have shown because he suddenly found himself shrouded by the shadow of his omnipresent personal bodyguard, Jones.

‘It’s nothing, I’m just feeling a little tired.’

‘Can I get you anything, Sir?’

‘A cup of coffee would be great, Jones.’

As an afterthought, the Senator decided to add a ‘Thanks’, but his bodyguard-turned-assistant was already gone. He realised that he hadn’t talked to or seen Jones in the duration of the flight, but his bodyguard had been working behind the scenes and had loyally appeared at the first sign of trouble. That man needs a pay rise, Johnson thought. Just another task to be completed after today’s rally.

The rally.

Senator Johnson silently cursed and turned to read the cue cards lying in his lap. He had already went over them multiple times, but it was tradition in the speech industry to revise just before the speech, and who was he to break the status quo? He placed the cards back into the case and and sat back, closing his eyes.

He already knew the topic of his final speech. Guns. A law which allowed any member of the public, trained or untrained, to possess and carry firearms in the free land of America. His advisors had initially opposed him, and it had been a risky stunt when he deviated from the script in his NYC rally and revealed it as part of his plans to lead the nation, but it had been well worth it. The idea had become an instant hit with the public, with only a few minor organisations and movements opposing it. The law had boosted his poll ratings and the public had lapped up his rhetoric about guns and freedom. His spin factory had worked overtime, and CNN and Fox had started praising him, with the other news stations quickly following suit. Personally, Johnson wasn’t a big fan of this particular law, but as he had learned a long time ago, it wasn’t about what you want, but what the public want. He had merely seen an opportunity and taken it.

Senator Johnson heard approaching footsteps and opened his eyes to see Jones coming towards him, a phone in his hand and definitely no coffee.

‘Coffee machine broken again?’

The bodyguard did not reply but merely held out the phone for Johnson to take. His face, which was paler than usual, didn’t give anything away, piquing Johnson’s interest. He picked up the phone and held it to his ear, unable to figure out who could have had such a profound effect on his bodyguard.

‘Sir.’ A flat, neutral, monotonous voice spoke. Travis, the head of security for his family. ‘It is with deep regret that I inform you that – ‘ Travis’ voice caught and he spoke again. ‘Sir, I have some bad news to tell you. Your wife, daughters and son … they’ve all been … they’ve been shot. They were taken to hospital immediately and are currently in a critical condition. We don’t know how it happened; an unorgivable lapse in security. The attacker was operatinf by himself and is part of the ‘Don’t Arm Americans’ movement. He has been detained without any signs of resistance and hasn’t spoken yet. I’m sorry, Sir.’

Johnson could feel the eyes of the world watching him as he ended the call and placed the phone beside him. Surely Travis was mistaken? How could his family, the loving family who he had Skyped only hourse earlier, have come so close to death? He wouldn’t believe it. He refused to believe it. He couldn’t believe it. This was just a very cruel dream; a nightmare he would soon wake up from. This couldn’t be real. A solitary tear streaked down the side of his face, leaving a trail of moisture, and fell to the ground.

It was in this moment that he learned a lesson, a lesson that he would remember for the rest of his life. Senator Johnson learned that he should act responsibly, for actions will always have consequences. He had campaigned for a law which he knew was dangerous, and now, he was facing the consequence.

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  1. Thanks! Please could you let me know where the errors are so that I can fix them? I’ve fixed as many as I could find but I just want to make sure that they’re all covered. Thanks!


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